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What is customs clearance brokerage?

A customs broker is the professional entity representing you – the importer or exporter – vis-a-vis the customs and ports authorities. As part of the service we take care of releasing the goods upon their arrival to Israel. We emphasize and realize that the release process constitutes a highly significant factor in the supply chain.

What other services are provided by the customs brokerage department?


Classification and assessment of goods-

our office employs two full-time classifiers, who, when needed, classify your goods for customs purposes, as quickly as possible and with the highest standards.


Standards Institute-

as part of the customs brokerage service, when needed, we take care of obtaining certificates from the Standards Institute.Our company employs two full-time employees to handle the process vis-a-vis the Standards Institute.


Ministry of Health certificate-

 as per the goods certification requirements.


Ministry of Agriculture certificate-

as per the goods certification requirements.


Cargo insurance-

we specialize in insuring cargo, and we have extensive experience in this field.


Special inspections by the customs authorities-

such as physical inspections, filling out paperwork for the customs, imaging inspections etc.

Although we strive to prevent damage to the goods, our experience teaches us that this is part of everyday reality in the world of import and export. Goods insurance allows you peace of mind during transport.

One of the most important steps in international freight forwarding wold is customs clearance.

We in ABETRANS have a veteran and professional customs brokerage department, recognized by all the authorities and operative since the company’s founding. ABETRANS Customs Clearance Department shall provide you with comprehensive and professional services, and real expertise in providing all the customs and tax solutions for your import activities. Using the latest computer systems, the connection to the Sha’ar Olami system and our knowledge and expertise in this field – we will release your goods as quickly as possible, and with the highest professional standards.

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