Abetrans logistics

ABETRANS is one of the largest most veteran freight forwarding companies in Israel. The company operates in the international freight forwarding sector and in finding logistics solutions related to the import and export industry for over 33 years now, and growing steadily.

Wide and versatile customer base

Our clientele is wide, varied and continuously growing. Our customers originated from a wide variety of industries such as the food, automotive trucking, home and office furnishings, iron, construction and agriculture industries. We see you, the customer as the backbone of the company, and make all efforts to always provide comprehensive services, competitive prices, and to improve ourselves using every relevant mean, both technologically and in terms of personnel, in order to provide you with the best you can get.

Wide and professional staff

You have at your service over 100 company employees in Israel, spread across Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Haifa and Ben Gurion Airport. Our company employs a number of agents in every country we work at, in order for our customers to always get the fastest and most professional service they deserve, while providing a comprehensive end-to-end logistical solutions from the supplier’s door, to the door of their businesses. We make sure to catch up with the market’s newest trends and with all the technological improvements in the freight forwarding industry.

Personal contact with the customer

We believe in personal and direct contact with you, aimed at always staying informed of any type of problem, request or information you may need. It is important for us that as the company’s client you will be satisfied, and that every shipment reaches its destination on time, and to your complete satisfaction.

Widespread deployment and maximum networking

We are members of the WCA, which is the world’s largest organization of international freight forwarders. The WCA is a stamp of approval for all its 6200 agent members, which requires them to maintain professional standards and abide the organization’s rules. The membership in the organization provides us with a network of reliable agents and offers us worldwide cooperations. Further, due to the special agreements with the major shipping lines, we can afford ourselves providing our customers attractive competitive rates and prices, as well as the fastest shipping services, even the busiest times of the year.

Our customer base

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